Sanjana Sidhra

Senior Analyst

Sanjana Sidhra is a Senior Analyst working with AHI in the Boston office. In her position, she supports AHI’s mission to forward equitable and affordable housing by way of research, analysis, management and consulting. Brought up in Mumbai – a land-scarce high-density metropolis – Sanjana’s interest in housing stems from having witnessed stresses that persist between informal and formal urban settlements, and the impact that has on city dwellers. Her approach embodies her foundational belief that housing is core to an individual’s social mobility.

Since joining AHI in November 2020, Sanjana’s work has been primarily focussed on AHI’s Health Secure Housing initiative in the United States. In the international realm, she supports AHI in conducting housing ecosystem analysis in Guyana, and in the workings of SEWA Grih Rin, a high‐impact, women‐centric, and pro‐poor housing finance company in India. Sanjana has also been an intern with AHI in the summer of 2019 and 2020.

Sanjana is a graduate of Cornell University where she earned her Masters in City and Regional Planning with a concentration in International Planning and Development. There, she conducted research on common-property resource management to increase the climate resilience of indigenous fishing villages along the coast of Mumbai. Sanjana earned her Bachelors of Architecture in India and has worked with the Urban Design Research Institute on a research project documenting and analyzing government policy initiatives for the supply of housing in India since its independence in 1947.

As a Senior Analyst, Sanjana brings energy and dependability to the AHI team. She speaks Hindi natively and English proficiently. When she is not supporting AHI’s housing consultancy activities, Sanjana likes to host and cook for friends and family.

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