Dave White

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Dave White provides manages day-to-day operations, including coordinating AHI’s internal and external communications and assisting in the management and delivery of AHI’s global projects.

Dave’s interest in housing and urban planning grew out of his many years as a social worker providing housing and mental health services to homeless individuals and families in New England. In these roles, he provided a range of services designed to support the independence and autonomy of those who’ve struggled to maintain safe, stable, and sustainable housing. In more recent years, Dave has served as a research assistant on two longitudinal studies at the University of Quebec at Montreal focused on the role of material culture and the “re-homing” process for forcibly displaced people from diverse backgrounds and regions of the world. In addition to his research work, Dave served a number of years as a member of Goddard College’s Institutional Review Board, advising on research proposals, ethics, and methodologies.

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