Anya Brickman Raredon


Since joining AHI in 2013, Anya has helped grow AHI into a dynamic organizational platform with global reach and impact. In addition to her day-to-day leadership and mentoring of the team, Anya leads AHI’s work in the formalization and redevelopment of informal settlements and post-disaster urban areas, as well as research into how the interconnection of physical, legal, financial, economic, and social systems can be leveraged to provide stable and permanent housing solutions for displaced populations. Anya directs AHI projects worldwide, including facilitation and strategic planning with affordable housing entities in both the US and abroad; the design of affordable housing strategies, analysis of housing affordability, and mapping of housing value chains in multiple countries; and the development of financial models to provide access to housing finance for low-income families. Anya also directs AHI’s Thought Leadership initiatives and collaborations with academic institutions, including Harvard and MIT.

Anya has worked extensively on research and development of community-based reconstruction strategies in post-earthquake Haiti, and has coordinated the activities of multi-university teams of faculty and students working on urban design, land use planning, housing finance, and community capacity building. As Oxfam America’s Shelter and Settlements Coordinator in Port-au-Prince, Anya designed the strategic operational plan for the Haiti Shelter Program, designed and oversaw a pilot housing program, and conducted several case studies on post-earthquake housing projects. During the same interval, Anya served as the Haiti Projects Manager at the Center for Advanced Urbanism at MIT, where she Anya developed and strengthened partnerships with key Haitian and international institutions including the World Bank, Oxfam America and Haven Partnership, Deutsche Bank Foundation, and the Inter-American Development Bank.

She received a Masters in City Planning from MIT in 2011 and a BA from Yale in 2004 with Honors in Architecture. She also holds certificates International Law, International Humanitarian Law from the Université Catholique de Louvain through EdX, and a certificate in International Housing Finance from the Wharton School of Business. She has a working knowledge of Spanish and a basic understanding of French and Haitian Kreyol. When Anya is not working hard at solving low-income housing challenges, she can be found choreographing dances.

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