Boston Headquarters

David A. Smith
Founder and CEO

David A. Smith is the founder and CEO of the Affordable Housing Institute, which develops sustainable housing financial ecosystems worldwide. With more than 30 years direct experience in affordable housing, David uniquely combines the roles of practitioner and theoretician, participant and policymaker.

His work as an international housing finance policy advisor/ program developer encompasses projects on Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Ireland, Kenya, Middle East, Panama, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Turkey, andUnited Kingdom, and he is a much sought-after speaker on affordable housing issues around the world. In the USA, David provides high-quality analysis to Congress, the Millennial Housing Commission, CBO, HUD, and others, and was a principal member of the 1996 Senate mark-to-market working group. A 1975 Harvard graduate, he is an award-winning author with more than 100 published articles in real estate, valuation, and policy periodicals, and a textbook, as well as an influential blog.

David is also founder and Chairman of Recap Real Estate Advisors. (formerly CASFAS, and before that, Recap Advisors), a Boston-based firm that specializes in complex multifamily asset problems, with an active practice area in the finance of existing affordable housing. In this capacity, he was recently awarded the 2009 Vision Award for his lifetime achievement in affordable housing by The National Housing & Rehabilitation Association (NH&RA). Detailed biography and PDF.

Paul Weech
Senior Principal

AHI Senior Principal Paul Weech brings deep knowledge and accumulated wisdom earned over three and a half decades in affordable housing, community development, and financial services. Located in Washington, DC, Paul will support and advise high-capacity non-profits and other Mission Entrepreneurial Entities (Mee’s) to adapt and thrive in changing policy and practice ecosystems, both in the US and globally, with emphasis on the following themes:

  • Program development and implementation. As a Senior Analyst for the US Senate Budget Committee (1989-93) and Staff Director for the Housing Subcommittee of the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs (1993-97) Paul guided and contributed to the enactment of key US legislation, including bills affecting affordable housing preservation programs, promoting pension investments into affordable housing, leveraging funding for non-profit capacity building, creating affordable housing goals for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and innovating in homeless assistance.
  • Nonprofit sector management and network development. Paul served in senior leadership roles for the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (2009-11) and the Housing Partnership Network (HPN; 2009-2014), and as President and CEO of NeighborWorks America (NW; 2015-2017). Collectively, these three peer-to-peer networks are comprised of 300+ US housing and community development Mee’s that develop and manage affordable housing, promote homeownership, provide residential and commercial loans, and deliver a vast range of social services and economic development strategies. At HPN, Paul worked with members to craft HPN’s treatise Toward a Housing Policy Reform Agenda that tapped practitioner-based innovations and successes to articulate a transformational platform to advance and strengthen Mees’ role in the delivery system.
  • Strategy and leadership for mission-focused entities. As Chief of Staff at the US Small Business Administration (SBA; 1997-98), Paul wrote SBA’s strategic plan, with a particular focus on increasing service to minority and women-owned businesses. At Fannie Mae (1998-2008), he managed the company’s affordable housing and minority lending goals consistent with market opportunities, and played a central role in developing Fannie Mae’s mission initiatives The American Dream Commitment and the Expanded American Dream Commitment. At NW, Paul spearheaded a new five-year strategic plan centered on increasing member organizations’ sustainability, scale, and impact through new capital, resources, and business models.
  • Board advisory and governance. Paul has served on many boards and advisory councils such as the Homeownership Preservation Foundation, National Housing Conference, National Low Income Housing Coalition, Morgan Stanley, Capital One, and Bank of America.
  • Global and cross-national perspective. Out of graduate school, Paul lived for a year in a small village in northern Cote d’Ivoire and later returned to work for AIG in the capital city. At HPN, Paul helped manage cross-border collaboration among strong housing nonprofits from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. He has presented in Kiev, Ukraine, and York, UK; and represented the US government before the EU in Brussels; in San Jose, Costa Rica; and in Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa.

Anya Brickman Raredon

As Principal at AHI, Anya Brickman Raredon leads AHI's work in the formalization and redevelopment of informal settlements and post-disaster urban areas, as well as research into how temporary camps become permanent neighborhoods within an urban fabric. Anya directs AHI projects worldwide, including designing affordable housing strategies, mapping of housing value chains in multiple countries, and developing financial models to provide access to housing finance for low-income families. Anya also spearheads AHI's connections and collaborations with universities such as Harvard and MIT to encourage the development of a network to link theory and practice, and leads AHI's investigation of how the interconnection of physical, legal, financial, economic, and social systems in humanitarian settlements turn isolated tenants and shelters into an instant city.

Anya has worked extensively on research and development of community-based reconstruction strategies in post-earthquake Haiti, and has coordinated the activities of multi-university teams of faculty and students working on urban design, land use planning, housing finance, and community capacity building. As Oxfam America's Shelter and Settlements Coordinator in Port-au-Prince, Anya designed the strategic operational plan for the Haiti Shelter Program, designed and oversaw a pilot housing program, and conducted several case studies on post-earthquake housing projects. During the same interval, Anya served as the Haiti Projects Manager at the Center for Advanced Urbanism at MIT, where she Anya developed and strengthened partnerships with key Haitian and international institutions including the World Bank, Oxfam America and Haven Partnership, Deutsche Bank Foundation, and the Inter-American Development Bank.

She received a Masters in City Planning from MIT in 2011 and a BA from Yale in 2004 with Honors in Architecture. Anya speaks Spanish and Haitian Kreyol, and has a basic understanding of French.

Vidhee Garg

Vidhee Garg’s work exemplifies AHI’s fusion of research and consulting, each informing the other, combining her experience in architecture, housing policy and regulation, and affordable housing development in environments as diverse as Boston’s Dorchester, New York’s South Bronx, and Mumbai’s Girgaum.

As Principal at AHI, Vidhee focuses on improving affordable housing finance and delivery chains in South Asia and the Middle East. Her current project management portfolio includes working with the World Bank to analyze the efficiency of housing subsidies in Morocco and making recommendations for better use of public resources for the same, and advising the Government of Qatar (GoQ) on developing a National Housing Strategy. She recently advised the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on the feasibility of setting up a dedicated housing finance institution in Bhutan, the Government of Turkey on a social rental housing program, and the Kuwait Credit Bank (KCB) on the entity’s financial restructuring. Additionally, she has worked on land and housing development models for Haiti, and researches the global relationships between formality and informality, both of tenure and income.

As co-lead for AHI’s Aarohi Fund, Vidhee seeks and evaluates global mission entrepreneurial entities (MEEs) that AHI can assist with technical support and capital. In this capacity, she provides ongoing advisory support to SEWA Grih Rin (SGR), a non-bank housing finance company (HFC) headquartered in Delhi. SGR provides housing finance to informally employed and informally tenured women to enable them to improve their homes for themselves and their families. The Aarohi Fund recently added another Indian non-bank HFC to its portfolio – Nanayasurabhi Affordable Housing Finance Limited (NHFL) – that is headquartered in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, and is in the process of getting its HFC license.

Before joining AHI, Vidhee worked with Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation (CSNDC) in Boston, where she was involved in all phases of neighborhood upgrading and home improvement, including working with neighborhood stakeholders to complete the development engagement process from conception through completion. At New York City’s Housing Development Corporation (HDC), she was part of a team securing a $120 million permanent loan for a 3-property, 600-apartment affordable multifamily rental development in the South Bronx.

Having grown up in Mumbai (Bombay), she studied architecture at the University of Mumbai’s prestigious Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture (KRVIA), graduating in 2009 and writing her thesis on the architectural reinvention of chawls (historic pre-industrial urban workforce housing). She received a Master’s degree in Regional Planning from Cornell University where, for her graduate thesis, she evaluated the production impact of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and portable Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs) in New York City. She is fluent in English, Hindi, basic Gujarati and Marathi, and US subsidy acronyms.

Olivia Caldwell

As an AHI Principal with an extensive background on supply-side delivery of affordable housing, Olivia Caldwell has lead responsibility for AHI’s ongoing work in Haiti, with multiple assignments and across Sub-Saharan Africa, and in the realms of green building and improved construction technology.

In Haiti, for the last 2½ years Olivia has been AHI’s lead executive supporting the implementation Haiti HOME, a USAID funded facility intended to catalyze housing development and finance in the country by targeted pay-for-performance innovative capital deployments. In this role she not only reviews and advises on applications, she also provides point-of-impact advisory support to help applicants more efficiently deploy and lever the capital made available through the Haiti HOME facility. In this, she has worked closely with housing developers and mortgage providers to develop the country’s first green market-driven homes targeting the lower middle class, as well as structuring down-market and affordability incentives that enable lenders to lower the borrowers’ net payments while still making an appropriate risk-adjusted return. So far Haiti HOME has funded three different new housing projects and three financial institutions, catalyzing over $7 million into affordable housing.

In West Africa, Olivia managed a World Bank project across the eight-nation West African Economic Monetary Union (WAEMU) to identify why WAEMU lenders have had difficulty expanding their mortgage lending in countries with a critical shortage of homebuyer finance. As AHI’s lead executive with both an internal team and a global housing expert, Olivia synthesized the proposed recommendations, whose keystone was a proposed capital injection into the regional mortgage refinancing facility (CRRH) with appropriate asset-matched tenor. Today the Bank is considering a $150 IDA Loan for just this purpose.

In East Africa, Olivia is working in Rwanda with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank, to jump-start new formal affordable housing production in Kigali, the capital, which has a wide gap between maximum affordable price and minimum new production cost. Working with AHI CEO David Smith, she has been framing the solicitation for potential developers of the city’s first large scale mixed-income residential property that if successful would house 10,000 people. Likewise, in Kenya, Olivia managed a Habitat for Humanity grant competition to identify two winning down-market entrepreneurial companies in the construction and solar energy sectors, with a combination of Habitat grants and AHI technical support, to expand their businesses and connect the housing value chain to poor rural Kenyans.

Passionate about strengthening community infrastructure in an effort to help rebuild communities affected by natural disasters, Olivia is a Board Member of Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief, where she has advised on appropriate shelters after the recent Nepalese earthquakes. Olivia has shared her experience and expertise at numerous conferences including most recently the African Union for Housing Finance 2016 conference, the Shelter Afrique 35th Symposium and the West African Development Bank’s Housing Finance workshop 2017.

With an Executive MBA from the London School of Economics, an MA in Sustainable Development from the United Nations Mandated University, and a BA in Anthropology from McGill University, Olivia is a native French and English speaker, with a good working knowledge of Spanish.

Dave White
Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Dave White provides manages day-to-day operations, including coordinating AHI’s internal and external communications and assisting in the management and delivery of AHI’s global projects.

Dave’s interest in housing and urban planning grew out of his many years as a social worker providing housing and mental health services to homeless individuals and families in New England. In these roles, he provided a range of services designed to support the independence and autonomy of those who’ve struggled to maintain safe, stable, and sustainable housing. In more recent years, Dave has served as a research assistant on two longitudinal studies at the University of Quebec at Montreal focused on the role of material culture and the “re-homing” process for forcibly displaced people from diverse backgrounds and regions of the world. In addition to his research work, Dave served a number of years as a member of Goddard College’s Institutional Review Board, advising on research proposals, ethics, and methodologies.

Victor Silva

Prior to joining AHI, Victor worked in business development for a Nicaraguan consulting company and later a U.S. startup, establishing and adapting business operations to various country contexts in Latin America. He went on to lead business planning and operations at a Nicaraguan construction and real estate development firm. Through his work, Victor has been involved in the development of affordable housing solutions in cities throughout Nicaragua. He has also served as a consultant for Nicaragua’s Chamber of Urban Developers, conducting research on and outlining Nicaragua’s housing ecosystem. Victor has also volunteered with the Global Citizens’ Initiative, where he contributed with research and report writing.

Victor received a dual Master’s degree in Development Management and Public Policy from Georgetown University and Universidad Nacional de San Martín in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics from Universidad Centroamericana in Managua, Nicaragua. A native of León, Nicaragua, Victor is fluent in Spanish and English, and conversational Portuguese. In his free time, Victor is learning to sail on Boston’s Charles River.

Laura Grelet

As an Analyst, Laura supports AHI’s consulting work in examining housing markets and developing financial and policy solutions, particularly on the African continent.

Laura’s interest in sustainable urban development stems from a variety of life and educational experiences. She graduated in 2013 from the University of Sciences Po Paris with a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Political Sciences and a specialization in the Latin American geographical area. Laura then went on to earn a Master’s degree from Sciences Po in Urban Governance and Public Policy with a specialization in African cities. During her graduate studies Laura used a wide spectrum of analytical lens to examine the urban fabric and its challenges, focusing particularly on the impact of stakeholders' interests, collective action and informal activities’ mechanisms. Her studies delved into housing and land issues in Africa and India, including slum upgrading in Lagos and refugee camps as a new urban form.

In 2015 Laura worked for the European Forum of Urban Security in Paris (Efus) on the metropolization process of security issues, where she designed a map of the current policies, stakeholders and the sector’s challenges for European leaders. In 2012 Laura participated in a volunteer project with the NGO A.F.S Cambodge to upgrade a boarding school in Battambang, Cambodia.

Laura is a native French speaker and fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Laura likes hiking and her latest passion is rock climbing.

Lucas Spiro

Starting from the personal belief that quality affordable housing is essential for people and for societies, Lucas Spiro’s work at AHI has concentrated on integrating the connections between housing’s affordability with pro-poor and anti-poverty initiatives, including these areas:

  • Disasters, displacement, relief and redevelopment. As part of a multi-person team tackling the challenge of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Lucas provided extensive support and original content for a comprehensive and detailed research paper commissioned by the Norwegian Refugee Council. This work drew on Lucas’s previous experience with development campaigns by Oxfam Ireland and the Irish Red Cross to fund and support campaigns in disaster relief for vulnerable populations.
  • Lending to informal poor urban women in India. Lucas supported a small AHI capital campaign on behalf of SEWA Grih Rin (SGR), a non-bank housing finance company. Four years ago, AHI’s Aarohi Fund (seeded with a small grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) was a founding investor in SGR, which today is active in six Indian states. Having made more than 2,000 loans totaling roughly $7.0 million, SGR is growing rapidly because of its pioneering financial products that lend to informally employed poor urban women, living in informal housing. Lucas showed the connections between SGR’s financing and the improvement in household income, children’s education, and women’s and girls’ health to demonstrate to prospective donors how SGR is not only impactful but also potentially transformative.
  • Cuba Facing Forward. Following on AHI’s day-long symposium on the subject, Lucas is an associate editor of AHI’s forthcoming book collection of new research related to Cuba’s built and natural environment, as well as the island’s history, current politics, and social/economic future.

Lucas brings to these assignments a flair for organization and clarity of exposition honed in earning his University of Massachusetts Boston Bachelor’s in English and Philosophy, his Trinity College (Dublin) Master’s in Irish literature, and for a time, his living as a substitute teacher in Somerville.

Mounia Tagma
Regional Manager, Middle East and Africa

Mounia Tagma manages AHI's projects in the Middle East and Africa. Her regional expertise helps AHI to successfully execute projects ranging from consulting work to educational study tours for clients. Mounia first came to AHI in 2009 as a graduate student interested in slum rehabilitation and financing. Since graduating, she has acted as one of AHI's key associates in the Middle East until joining the company full-time in February, acting as the Regional Manager for the Middle East and Africa.

Prior to joining AHI, Mounia worked for the International Finance Corporation and for the United Nations Development Program, specializing in human development issues. Mounia also worked for Al Omrane, the Moroccan government's primary housing and urban development agency. Her expertise in Moroccan housing policy analysis and implementation stems in part from her background in public policy, which gave her experience analyzing the impact of affordable housing policies and public-private partnerships throughout Morocco.

Mounia holds a master's degree in public policy from Harvard University and a bachelor's degree in business administration and finance from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. She is fluent in French and English, and is a native Moroccan Arabic speaker. Mounia has lived in Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Switzerland, France, Morocco, and the U.S.

Associates and Advisors

Joshua Anderson

Joshua Anderson, Associate, applies his financial modeling and coding skills to complex financial structures to support AHI projects. He has designed and coded the Entity-Level Financial Model (ELFP) for the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA), providing an integral tool for projecting funding requirements for its four interrelated divisions. He also designed and coded a model which allows ADHA to value its portfolio of subsidized loans.

Joshua has served as a senior underwriter for Boston Capital, underwriting affordable housing projects funded with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. He has also been a senior finance director for several real estate development firms including Carpenter & Company and Cathartes Investments. While at Carpenter and Company, he coded the model for a complex capitalization structure which included a long-term participating ground lease, a multi-tiered joint-venture agreement with a tax-exempt lead equity partner, and a taxpaying special partner taking advantage of historic tax credits. While at Cathartes, he brought Portwalk, an urban mixed-use project, through schematic design with full entitlements ahead of schedule. Entitlements included Historic District Commission approval, Planning Board approval, the negotiation of a public-private subsurface garage agreement and an urban private street agreement.

A native of Massachusetts, Joshua holds a Master's of Science degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Real Estate Development. His thesis focused on the capital structure of real estate investment trusts as they matured in the public equity markets. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from St. Lawrence University. Joshua currently teaches classes on the economics of real estate development at Boston University, where he is an instructor at its center for continuing education, and Wentworth Institute of Technology, where he is an adjunct professor in the Master's Degree in Construction Management program.

Maysa Sabah
Managing Director, GCC Region

Maysa Sabah, Managing Director of the GCC Region, leads AHI's efforts to increase the availability of good quality affordable housing for both citizens and non-citizens in the GCC region. Maysa plays an instrumental role in growing AHI's business and reputation in the broader MENA region and is a key contributor in regional assignments.

Prior to joining AHI, Maysa gained considerable supply-side and demand-side affordable housing working for some of the United States' leading affordable housing developers and lenders. As a senior consultant for New York City's Phipps Houses Group, one of America's oldest housing non-profits, Maysa analyzed the operating costs of over 600 rental apartments and prepared the company's application for competitively awarded Low Income Housing Tax Credits, America's principal rental housing production resources. Her work in Boston at the Fenway Community Development Corporation exposed her to affordable housing at the grassroots level, while her work with Mass Housing deepened her understanding of government housing subsidy programs.

Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Maysa is now based in Dubai. She holds a master's degree in real estate finance from University of Cambridge, a master's degree in urban planning from MIT, and a bachelor's degree in architecture from the American University of Beirut. She is fluent in English and Arabic, and knows basic French.

Delphine Sangodeyi
Senior Associate

AHI Associate Dr. Delphine Sangodeyi expands AHI’s presence in North and West Africa by supporting projects with her proven ability to conceptualize and manage development and redevelopment of large-scale affordable housing.

Since 2006, Delphine has served as Program Manager for Immobilière 3F, managing more than fifty urban renewal projects throughout France. Among other project, she oversees the redevelopment of France’s Clichy-Montfermeil, a project building more than 1,000 new affordable homes to address outdated cooperatives. Delphine oversees the planning and implementation of urban renewal programs across Paris and negotiates the technical dimensions of houisng development with local authorities. She is passionately committed to sharing her experiences with affordable housing, and recently coordinated the publication of The Challenge of Urban Renewal, which documents 3F’s experiences in urban renewal management. Previously, Delphine was a Lecturer and Researcher at the French Institute of Urbanism, where she extensively researched housing, urban development, and globalization in Brazil, the US, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Her work focused on the integration of popular neighborhoods and informal settlements through sustainable urban planning.

Delphine has her PhD and Master’s in Geography, both from the Université de Reims. She has lived in the United States, Brazil, South Africa, and France, and is fluent in English, French, and Portuguese.

Conrad Egan
Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor Conrad Egan provides comprehensive knowledge of the US affordable housing ecosystem. Based in Washington, DC, Conrad maintains AHI's continuous presence in the nation's capital.

Conrad started his affordable housing career in Detroit, Michigan in the 1960s, and later spent twenty years with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in various senior positions, both in the field and at HUD headquarters. Conrad also worked as Executive Vice President at NHP, Inc., then the largest owner and manager of affordable rental homes in the US. Conrad has also served as the Policy Director and President CEO of the National Housing Conference and the Executive Director of the congressionally chartered Millennial Housing Commission.Conrad now serves in voluntary positions, mainly in the Washington, DC area. He is Chairman of the Fairfax County Redeveloment and Housing Authority, and formerly Chairman of the Fairfax County Affordable Housing Action and Advisory Committee.

Conrad currently serves on the board of the Community Preservation and Development Corporation, a non-profit which operates affordable housing units in the Mid-Atlantic United States. Conrad is also a board member of the Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance, Housing Virginia, AHOME, and the Affordable Housing Conference of Montgomery County.

Derek Long
Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor Derek Long advises AHI's work on housing associations and UK housing market issues and solutions. Derek has represented AHI at conferences such as the Republic of Korea's First International Housing Finance Conference in 2013.

Derek has thirty years of housing experience. He has advised UK Ministers on housing issues, worked with the National Housing Corporation as an investor, regulator and policy advisor, and provided consulting support for the renowned European Institute for Urban Affairs. Derek has collaborated on research studies with the OECD and the UK's Department of Communities and Local Government.

Derek has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University, with diplomas from University of Lancaster Management School and the University of Warwick.

Matt Nohn
Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor Matt Nohn specializes in including the urban and informal poor in governance and markets. At AHI, he advises on and supports projects regarding participation, urban planning, and land management. He has worked on projects modeling financial strategies and business plans in countries including Colombia and India.

With fifteen years of professional experience, Matt studies informal income and tenure to design inclusive systems that welcome both the formal and informal sectors. He has worked with urban projects in over twenty countries for clients including UN-Habitat, GIZ, the Gates Foundation, and India’s National Housing Bank (NHB). Matt is the founder of Rapid Urbanism, where he specializes in the integrated delivery of land, infrastructure, housing, and life-affirming job opportunities to the urban poor. Matt is a Loeb Fellow at Harvard University’s Graduate School of design, and advises Mahila Housing SEWA Trust of India. He has also received the prestigious McCloy Fellowship for his studies in Political and Economic Development from Harvard Kennedy School, where he won the Outstanding Policy Analysis Award for Market-based Affordable Housing in Urban India. Matt frequently publishes research on urban and housing issues, and often speaks at prolific engagements worldwide. He is fluent in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Starting his professional career as a bricklayer in 1995, Matt holds postgraduate degrees in Advanced Environmental Design (Harvard), Public Policy (Harvard), International Affairs (German National Academic Foundation), and Architecture & Planning (TU Darmstadt). He is fluent in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, and also speaks some French, Egyptian, and Gujarati.

John O'Connor
Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor John O’Connor supports and advises AHI with delivering affordable housing. John’s focus on community development and creation of quality housing, combined with a track record in project management and a background in public-private partnerships, make John a valuable addition to the AHI team in developing government policy.

A structural engineer by background, John has a wide range of experience in housing across both the public and private sectors. He has extensive experience in the development, provision and direct delivery of housing, particularly in the areas of social housing, affordable housing and regeneration projects. As Chief Executive of Ireland’s Housing and Sustainable Communities Agency, John leads the agency in ensuring housing availability and affordability. His work with the agency supports government, local authorities, and national housing bodies. Previously, John served as Chief Executive of the Affordable Homes Partnerships and the Executive Manager of Dublin City Council’s Housing Department. John is also currently chair of the national committee on housing persons with disabilities, and has chaired the Advisory Group for Government on Unfinished Housing Developments. He also participates in numerous other government boards and committees.

He has lectured and presented on a very wide range of subjects and was at external lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin for many years. He currently is an external lecturer at the Institute of Public Administration. John has his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, and his Master’s degree in Structural Engineering. He has a diploma in Project Management, and is an honorary member of Ireland’s Chartered Institute of Housing.

Casius Pealer
Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor Casius Pealer supports the Affordable Housing Institute's efforts to address long term affordability and health issues by focusing on cost-effective design and construction strategies. His work emphasizes proven building technologies and materials, effective operations and maintenance, and sustainable and culturally appropriate infrastructure and planning.

Prior to joining AHI as an advisor, Casius was Director of Affordable Housing for the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) where he consulted on individual projects as well as municipal and national policy issues in the U.S. and internationally. Trained as both an architect and an attorney, Casius has a particular expertise in public and social housing, representing public housing agencies in the U.S. on large scale development and redevelopment projects. A former Peace Corps Volunteer in the West Indies, Casius is currently Director and Professor of Practice in Tulane University's graduate program in Sustainable Real Estate Development.

Casius holds a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School and a M.Arch and B.Arch from Tulane University's School of Architecture. A LEED AP and former LEED Faculty with USGBC, Casius has been published extensively in the fields of both architecture and law, and regularly presents at professional conferences in both disciplines.

Deidre Schmidt
Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor Deidre Schmidt, formerly AHI’s Executive Director, supports AHI with advice on transactional and business planning, organizational development, and policy formulation in the US and internationally.

In addition to her prior role as Executive Director at AHI, Deidre has previously served as One Roof Global Consulting’s Principal. In both these roles, her work included research and consulting, policy analysis, financial product design and financial institution business planning, housing development and knowledge exchange. She has also worked in both the for- and non-profit sectors in consulting, project and enterprise management, real estate development, investment analysis and underwriting in the U.S. Her previous roles include Vice-President of Development at Brighton Development Corporation, Acquisitions Manager and Analyst for the National Equity Fund and Director of National Consulting and Project Manager for Artspace Projects, Inc.

Currently, Deidre is the President and CEO of CommonBond Communities, the upper Midwest’s largest developer and owner of service-enriched housing. She also teaches a course on Housing and Urbanization in Global Cities at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (GSD). Deidre was a Loeb Fellow at the GSD and a Marshall Memorial Fellow for the German Marshall Fund.

Manal Shalaby
Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor Manal Shalaby brings 32 years of extensive affordable housing experience to AHI. With her expertise, Manal makes significant contributions to AHI projects in housing policy, Islamic funding structure, housing microfinance, investment promotion, and financial analysis.

Prior to joining AHI, Manal worked with a USAID program as Lead Technical and Senior Financial Advisor to develop a private-sector non-banking finance industry in Egypt. She worked closely with Egypt's Mortgage Finance Authority to strengthen the institution and to develop and implement a strategic business plan. She worked to introduce traditional mortgage finance products alongside Islamic finance alternative products, and she contributed to the regulations and business plan for the first Mortgage Refinance Company. Manal also completed the due diligence assessments of Egyptian non-bank financial regulators before a merger between Capital Market Authority, Mortgage Finance Authority, Insurance Authority and Micro Finance. Earlier in her career, Manal consumer protection policies for Egypt's Capital Market Authority. She led a team as a Corporate Finance Partner at KPMG, and as a Senior Manager at Deloitte, Touche, and Arthur Andersen.

Manal is an MBA graduate of the American University in Cairo, and has her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Administration. She is also an accredited personal trainer and has received specialized training in numerous international programs, including Wharton’s International Housing Finance Program. She is fluent in English and Arabic.

Andrea Titterington
Senior Advisor

Canon Andrea Titterington is a Senior Advisor to AHI, specializing in Housing Associations and housing issues in the United Kingdom. Andrea has worked with AHI to devise a Housing and Regeneration Tax Credit for the UK, and continues to advise AHI on policy and practice issues.

Since 1969, Andrea has been active in all aspects of housing and regeneration in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Tanzania. Her passion for affordable housing was inspired by her work at the Foundation for Cooperative Housing, Washington, D.C., and has carried over to her career in England spent primarily working with non-profit housing associations. Andrea has also worked with the Housing Corporation and National Housing Federation, and most recently worked as the Chief Executive of the Maritime Housing Associationi and Group CEO of Regenda. Andrea spent nearly a decade as Regeneration Director for the Liverpool Football Club, working in partnership with Liverpool City Council on the implementation of a community-based regeneration strategy. In this role, she led LFC's employment, education, and community health initiatives, and oversaw development of LFC's extensive public health program in one of the UK's most deprived areas. Her interest in new forms of financing for affordable housing led to her partnership with David Smith and AHI.

Andrea has a B.A., summa cum laude, from the University of California and M.A. from the University of Illinois. She is a Lay Minister in the Anglican Church in the parish of Broughton St. John Baptist, Preston, Lancashire and a member of Preston Deanery Synod. She is Deputy Chair of Blackburn Cathedral Developments, where she works on the Cathedral Quarter regeneration project with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, and an Honorary Lay Canon of Blackburn Cathedral. She is an Academician of the Academy of Urbanism and a member of the Preston Open City Group, advising the City Council on urban design. Andrea is fluent in German.

Noel Sampson

In his capacity as AHI’s Regional Associate, Noel assists in the exploration of hybrid value chain collaborations for housing development in Nicaragua. He currently works to develop a comprehensive housing ecosystem for Nicaragua. Noel first joined AHI as Central America research intern, during which experience he worked in establishing AHI’s network and presence in Nicaragua with major stakeholders in housing provision, research of Nicaragua’s housing delivery system, and establishment of a business development strategy for the region.

Noel Sampson's commitment to sustainable development and affordable housing has traced his path through many countries, including Vietnam, Mongolia, Switzerland and Palestine. His strong social awareness, cultural sensitivity and his work in community development projects in Nicaragua have granted him with several fellowships including the Netherlands Fellowship Program and the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Master Program scholarship. This has led him to achieve advanced education in housing development and management and development programs management at Lund University (LTH) in Sweden, MDF in the Netherlands, TU Darmstadt in Germany, UIC in Barcelona and the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

Noel has developed a research to improve climate change resilience of poor urban communities in Vietnamese and Nicaraguan cities, worked with the UN-Habitat office in Mongolia on slum upgrading programs of the Ger areas of Ulaanbaatar, worked with Campus in Camps, the renown experimental program in Palestinian refugee camps. Noel supported the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UNECE, based in Geneva, Switzerland, in the formulation of the Coastal Cities Initiative and organized the Workshop "Building resilient communities through urban planning and the integration of the Natural Sciences" held on January 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland.

During his early work in Nicaragua as architect and development practitioner he worked with several nonprofit organizations such as the Center for Studies and Social Promotion (CEPS) and Bridges to Community on community development projects such as agriculture, public health, sustainable architecture, water and sanitation, and supporting local farmers’ trading. Noel's series of sustainable architecture projects includes affordable housing, alternative solutions for health infrastructure, and educational buildings such as libraries, multi-use classrooms and sustainable rural schools whose designs have been replicated and built in different municipalities in Nicaragua.

Born in Nicaragua, Noel holds a double Master degree in International Cooperation and Urban Development from the Technological University of Darmstadt, Germany as part of the European Union-sponsored MUNDUS URBANO and a Master degree on Sustainable Emergency Architecture of the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain. Additionally, he holds a specialization certificate on assessment and management of geological and climate related risks from the University of Geneva (CERG-C). Noel is co-founder and director of Emerge and the Dev Studio. He is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Douglas Lloyd
Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor Douglas Lloyd volunteers his time to expand his commitment to affordable housing. His interest in international housing finance and background in housing bond markets led him to get involved with AHI, where he works on financial models for projects worldwide.

Doug currently works with J.P. Morgan's Tax Oriented Investments group as Manager of Underwriting for Direct Affordable Housing. Based in Chicago, he serves as the group's chief underwriter and leads a team of underwriters assisting in the acquisition of federal low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) multifamily properties throughout the U.S. Before joining J.P. Morgan, Doug was with the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency where he originated and underwrote affordable and mixed-income multifamily loans financed through tax-exempt and taxable bonds. Prior to his career in housing finance, Doug was a consultant with several urban planning and land use law firms based in Chicago and Boston and is a former member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). His interest in international housing finance began during his graduate school research of emerging covered housing bond markets in the former communist countries of Central Europe.

A native of Massachusetts, Doug received a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Master’s in Community and Regional Planning and a Master's in Architecture from the Iowa State University of Science and Technology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the College of the Holy Cross. He also recently obtained his Enrolled Agent (federally authorized tax practitioner) license from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.