Bringing School Home

2015 AHI Fellow and Boulder HP CEO Betsey Martens with Bringing School Home parents at BHP’s Kalmia property

2015 AHI Fellowship

As part of our research and innovation initiatives, AHI inaugurated our Fellowship Program in 2015. The AHI Fellowship comprises an 18-month curriculum, custom-designed by AHI in partnership with the Fellow, for collaboration, research and development, and implementation of an innovative affordable housing solution.

Betsey Martens, CEO of Boulder Housing Partners, has been named the 2015 AHI Fellow for her pioneering research into using public and affordable housing as a place-based nexus for disrupting the cycle of poverty through her program Bringing School Home, a comprehensive public/private partnership to enable children from very low income households to supplement, complement, and reinforce the learning they need and want from the school system.

For the last 18 years, Boulder Housing Partners, the public housing authority of Boulder, Colorado, has been developing the partnership with the I Have a Dream Foundation. Starting at age seven, selected children of public housing families are connected with a full time program director acting as a kind of uncle (tio) or aunt (tia), who follows the child and family all the way through their secondary education to assure high school graduation and post-secondary matriculation. The program offers a package of continuous learning – extending the school experience to after school, evenings and nights, on weekends, and during the summer.

AHI is working with Betsey Martens and her team to further research and develop her vision, which includes a roll-out of additional pilot sites beyond the two now operating in Boulder, CO and New York City.

For more information on the 2015 Fellowship see the press release here.

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