Over the past decade, AHI has consulted for a diverse set of clients in the housing space: governments, lenders, developers, development finance institutions, philanthropies, and community organizations.

We work with each client to fully understand their needs, develop a scope of work, and continually refine outputs throughout the project. A team of senior technical experts, project managers, and analysts tackles each project with a high level of attention and care, and in the process, seeks to make highly technical concepts clear and understandable.

Though we are constantly exploring new business areas, we are particularly adept at delivering the following services:

  • Providing policy analyses and recommendations to national and municipal government entities;
  • Engineering new financial products, particularly housing improvement loans;
  • Creating and implementing business and capitalization plans;
  • Researching housing markets and opportunities;
  • Guiding emerging cities in tapping capital markets funding for long-term infrastructure projects (AHI Capital Markets).

To discuss how we can help you meet your housing objectives, please email us at with an introduction of your organization and need.

To explore AHI's portfolio of global projects, please visit Projects.