Our Approach

AHI tackles housing challenges with the following approach:

We understand housing through an ecosystem lens.

We approach housing as complex ecosystem in which there are two value chains: one each on the supply and demand side. People are housed when the output of the supply side (a physical home) meets the output of the demand side (a loan).

Analyzing these value chains at a country or city level allows us to pinpoint where there are weaknesses and opportunities, and develop targeted solutions that address the total disabling environment.

We harness global best practices to design locally tailored products.

We have worked in over 25 countries in Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. We speak Vietnamese, Arabic, French, Kreyol, Spanish, Hindi, and Korean, among others. We tap into a wide network of on-the-ground associates and retain connections to housing organizations around the world.

With every project, we look to our international housing experiences for guidance and insight, but expertly tailor our products to the country, municipality, or neighborhood context.

We combine a diversity of technical perspectives and skills.

Housing, unlike other basic needs, is a highly technical product. Understanding housing means understanding how a house is designed, built, financed, regulated, and subsidized.

That is why the AHI team is composed of designers, architects, urban planners, real estate developers, development economists, public servants, and investment bankers. We understand housing from start to finish, and we speak the lingo of each discipline with ease. We possess the best of global public and private sector experience in policy, finance, and design. Overall, we work together to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients' needs and the field's most pressing issues.