Evaluating Housing Sector Subsidies in Morocco

Providing Technical Assistance to Affordable Housing and Urban Renewal Program

Studying Housing Construction Costs across Africa

Facilitating Market-Based Solutions in Kenya's Affordable Housing Construction Sector

Restructuring Real Estate Finance in the Kuwait Credit Bank

Developing Housing Finance Solutions for the West African Economic and Monetary Union

Examining the Construction Sector and Land Titling in Uganda and Kenya

Performing a Survey of Morocco’s Housing Finance Market

Implementing the Haiti Home Ownership and Mortgage Expansion (HOME) Program

Conducting Feasibility Assessment for Anibong Resettlement Project in the Philippines

Housing Markets and Policy Design in the Gulf Region

Bringing School Home: 2015 AHI Fellowship

Conference Summary: Cuba Facing Forward

Evaluating the French Development Agency’s Lines of Credit to the Housing Bank of Senegal

Providing Technical Advisory Services for Saudi Real Estate Development Fund (REDF)

Providing Advisory Services on Affordable Housing Policy in Vietnam

Strengthening Housing Sector Governance in Indonesia

Evaluating Housing Microfinance Opportunities in Djibouti

Developing a Housing Finance Facility in Vietnam

Stocktaking of the Housing Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa

Zaatari: The Instant City

Investment in SEWA Grih Rin, India

Designing an Affordable Housing Strategy for Ulaanbaatar

Strategic Development of the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA)

Creating a Feasibility and Redevelopment Plan for a Neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Evaluating Housing Microfinance Opportunities in Nigeria

Researching Housing Delivery and Housing Finance in Haiti

Providing Real Estate and Financial Advisory in Haiti

Assessing Private-Public Partnerships for Housing Delivery in Iraq

Developing Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy for Dubai

Participated in Symposium on Urban Disaster Risk and Urban Renewal Strategies at Boğazici University

Participated in Symposium on the Urban Land Problem: Irresolution vs Amnesty at Universidad Iberoamericana

Developing a Home Improvement Finance Facility (HIFE) Business Plan in Colombia

Assessing Financial Effects of Different Urban Slum Upgrading Initiatives in India

Mission Entrepreneurial Entities

Analyzing Best Practices in Slum Improvement in Brazil

Providing Financial Advisory for Slum/Shack Dwellers International

Impact Study on Slum Infrastructure for Metafinance in India

Developing and Launching a Business Plan for SEWA Grih Rin, India

Assessing the Housing Ecosystem in Turkey

Creating a Slum Upgrading Financing Plan in Kenya

Designing a Housing Program and Analysis in Egypt

Feasibility Brainstorming for the Financial Sector Charter in South Africa


AHI Activities 2016