Zaatari: The Instant City

  • Country: Jordan
  • Date: 2014

The Affordable Housing Institute (AHI) publicly announced the completion of its latest publication, Zaatari: The Instant City, a book that chronicles life among the displaced Syrian refugees in Jordan's Zaatari camp in order to document an example of post-disaster resettlement.

Though considered to be a temporary settlement, Zaatari is one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in Jordan, housing more than 120,000 Syrian refugees on a 2-square-mile plot of desert and costing $500,000 a day to run. With this book, AHI writes that it aims to show how settlements and camps like Zaatari are not acknowledged as cities, even though they act like them. As evidence, the authors cite the how camps for refugees and internally-displaced persons last an average of 17 years and currently house 45 million people worldwide.