Impact Study on Slum Infrastructure for Metafinance in India

  • City: Ahmedabad
  • Client: Development Innovations Group (DIG)
  • Country: India
  • Date: 2007

DIG commissioned AHI to do a study of two successful metafinancing projects. AHI staff traveled to Mumbai and Ahmedabad to study the impact of metafinancing in infrastructure provision. In Mumbai, metafinance was used to fund the addition of community bathrooms in slums. In Ahmedabad, basic services and infrastructure, including water, sanitation, power, grading, and paving, were extended into informal settlements through metafinance.

AHI compared these projects, identified relevant key actors, and assessed the outcomes of these metafinance projects. Based on in-depth primary research, AHI developed a financial model of metafinance and identified the conditions that make metafinance work. AHI's metafinance model allows NGOs, governments, and other socially-motivated actors to identify the potential for metafinance and the tools necessary to make it work.