Restructuring Real Estate Finance in the Kuwait Credit Bank

  • City: N/a
  • Client: Kuwait Credit Bank
  • Country: Kuwait
  • Date: 2016 (ongoing)

AHI, along with Performance INC Kuwait (PIK), is sub-consultant to Maxwell Stamp PLC (MSP) in the provision of financial advisory services to the Kuwait Credit Bank (KCB). The assignment aims to support KCB in restructuring its debt strategy to become a self-sustaining entity. Coupled with this, the new strategy will address the widening gap between the demand and supply for affordable housing in Kuwait. As a result of the expected surge in the supply of housing in Kuwait, the assignment will focus on innovating demand-side finance with leading-edge financial innovations. MSP, PIK and AHI will set a practical path to enable KCB to respond to the anticipated increase in its lending volume with options on how to finance this increase in a sustainable manner. The project will aim to deliver a practical financing strategy and revised mortgage law, which can be easily implemented and accepted by the housing sector in order to ensure a fast delivery of housing finance products. Accordingly, a comprehensive public awareness strategy will be prepared to communicate reform recommendations and gain public support.