Providing Advisory Services on Affordable Housing Policy in Vietnam

  • City: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  • Client: The World Bank
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Date: 2014

AHI’s work with the World Bank to analyze the Vietnamese housing ecosystem and to create a roadmap for future initiatives has been published in Vietnam Affordable Housing: A Way Forward, October 2015 with AHI executives Duong Huynh and Dao Harrison listed as contributing authors.

This project comprised of two key components: 1) in-depth assessments of the housing sector, and 2) design of a roadmap for housing policy reform. The assessment included three core interrelated analyses that provided a diagnostic of the housing market and offer actionable recommendations for the Government of Vietnam. First, a comprehensive affordability analysis examining both the formal and informal sectors was carried out. Second, constraining factors to housing affordability – access to finance and land and regulatory frameworks – were assessed. Third, government housing policies and programs werereviewed. Finally, AHI and the World Bank team created actionable recommendations drawing on international good practice and an analysis of these three factors, as laid out in a roadmap for Vietnamese housing policy.