Implementing the Haiti Home Ownership and Mortgage Expansion (HOME) Program

  • City: Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien, St. Marc
  • Client: USAID via World Council of Credit Unions
  • Country: Haiti
  • Date: 2015 (ongoing)

AHI is working with the World Council of Credit Unions and Habitat for Humanity International to implement the USAID funded Haiti Home Ownership and Mortgage Expansion (HOME) Program, which was established to catalyze greater involvement of Haitian finance and private sector institutions in providing better access to affordable housing for average Haitian households. With strategic, market-based supply-and-demand side interventions that can be scaled over time, the Haiti HOME Team is using financial resources, technical assistance (TA) and awareness-building techniques to demonstrate that the weak links in the value chains can be impacted directly, indirectly, or worked around. These interventions will motivate the financial community and developers to shift down-market to meet the demand for new affordable housing units. The Haiti Home Team is working in the Port-Au-Prince (PaP), Cap-Haitien and Saint-Marc development corridors.