Feasibility Brainstorming for the Financial Sector Charter in South Africa

  • City: N/a
  • Client: Banking Association of South Africa
  • Country: South Africa
  • Date: 2003

As part of the banking sector's implementation of the landmark Financial Sector Charter, the Banking Association of South Africa convened an intensive three-day brainstorming product design workshop to identify new initiatives, and requested AHI to facilitate the sessions and document the resulting potential ideas. Results were that participants identified over 20 interventions – competitive, collaborative, partnering with government, or government-inaugurated – that could significantly increase financial sector delivery of capital (up to about R20 billion) into affordable housing over the ensuing five years. This was an example of a PPP project, where the Banking Association of South Africa as the private actors sought ways to partner with the Government to increase the delivery of affordable housing in South Africa.