Creating a Feasibility and Redevelopment Plan for a Neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • City: Canape Vert
  • Client: Cordaid Urban Matters
  • Country: Haiti
  • Date: 2012

In Phase I, AHI worked with Cordaid, a Dutch relief agency to create a development, financing, and operations model for permanent affordable housing solutions to follow the post-disaster emergency aid programs in Haiti. In June 2012, AHI visited Haiti to investigate the feasibility of an inner-city redevelopment of a site in an informal neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. The development plan brought together multiple stakeholders and built a structure to support long-term investment in low-income and informal settlements. Now, in Phase II, AHI is consulting prospective partners for the implementation of this plan. This will be a complex PPP involving multiple private stakeholders (e.g. microfinance institution, construction companies, local banks), as well as public entities (possibly UCLBP, BMPAD, and the CASEC).