Conducting Feasibility Assessment for Anibong Resettlement Project in the Philippines

  • City: Tacloban
  • Client: Catholic Relief Services
  • Country: Philippines
  • Date: 2015

Since July 2014 the community of Anibong has been working with support provided by CRS to put together a strategic recovery plan. CRS has been facilitating workshops and Community Action Planning (CAP) exercises at the barangay level to explore the preferences of residents in response to the question: "Where do you want to live?" Residents expressed a wide range of location preferences. In every case, they would like to ensure that they live in a safe environment, have access to appropriate livelihood opportunities and affordable education, and will have continued access to both the city.

Soon after the CAP exercises a group of community members identified a vacant plot in barangay Bagacay in Tacloban that they would like to relocate to. Approximately 1100 Anibong residents have expressed interest in moving here. As a component of the support to Anibong, CRS is planning to support this group through an integrated relocation project consisting of three components: greater land security, safer and more resilient housing and access to adequate communal infrastructure and services

AHI is providing advisory services to the community and CRS in identifying an appropriate mechanism for Anibong residents that move to Bagacay have greater land security.