Assessing Financial Effects of Different Urban Slum Upgrading Initiatives in India

  • City: Mumbai
  • Client: Slum Dwellers International
  • Country: India
  • Date: 2009

Slum Dwellers International (SDI) wanted to establish a fund to improve housing for the urban poor. SDI hired AHI to help them set up a self-managed, self-sustaining, expanding fund to promote urban housing. AHI facilitated meetings in Italy, London, and Sri Lanka between International Urban Poor Fund's stakeholders. Mutually agreed upon Fund goals were developed. AHI helped define the financial effects of different goal choices and priorities, and taught SDI members critical financial concepts.

AHI created a blueprint for the Fund, outlining initial Fund elements and critical issues. To keep discussions consistent, AHI developed term sheets for the new concepts SDI was working with. AHI developed a financial model to illustrate various scenarios and outcomes, allowing SDI members to clearly see which interventions had maximum impact and growth potential.