Analyzing Best Practices in Slum Improvement in Brazil

  • City: Sao Paolo
  • Client: Development Innovations Group
  • Country: Brazil
  • Date: 2008

In May 2008, the Development Innovations Group (DIG) commissioned AHI to evaluate the Chingapura and Guarapiranga slum improvement programs. Over three months, American and Brazilian staff conducted in-depth interviews with stakeholders and comprehensive reviews of relevant documents. AHI studied the financial mechanisms of these public-private partnerships, including the financial impact on residents and the state/municipal government.

AHI produced an extensive report evaluating the programs' impacts. The report included a survey of Sao Paulo's informal settlements, a comparison of program approaches and outcomes, and a demographic survey of slum populations. AHI's analysis compared Sao Paulo's financial models for slum upgrading to their eventual real-world results, highlighting the most effective government and private sector interventions. Drawing on its global experience, AHI suggested new approaches for slum upgrading.