Participated in Symposium on Urban Disaster Risk and Urban Renewal Strategies at Boğazici University

  • City: Istanbul
  • Client: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Country: Turkey
  • Date: 2010

The engineering case for taking pre-disaster risk mitigation measures is conclusively proven: money spent the right way before a disaster is 4x to10x as effective as post-disaster relief and reconstruction. Yet disaster risks are not mitigated.

A collaborative effort by AHI and Boğazici University (BU), with funding provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, brought together twenty cross-disciplinary experts in Istanbul for a two-day, intensive AHI Urban Disaster Risk Symposium. Based on urban improvement and disaster-risk mitigation experiences from around the world – Chile, Indonesia, India, Japan, New Orleans, New York City, Pakistan, San Francisco, Sri Lanka, Thailand, as well as Turkey – participants answered this basic question: How do we develop a replicable, operational framework for urban redevelopment activity that, if implemented, will make disaster risk mitigation in the short-term and long-term self interest of multiple actors?

After two-days of group discussions and site visits the group of global development experts strongly endorsed community-led urban improvement as the best way to strengthen the resilience of developing world megacities in the face of catastrophes like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Read the proceedings from the symposium here: Urban Disaster Risk and Renewal: Proceedings of the AHI-Bogazici Symposium